One Hundred Years of Solitude | Book Talk

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Magical Realism

The Book

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The brilliant, bestselling, landmark novel that tells the story of the Buendia family, and chronicles the irreconcilable conflict between the desire for solitude and the need for love—in rich, imaginative prose that has come to define an entire genre known as “magical realism.”

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Lincoln in the Bardo | Book Talk

Book Talk 003

Experimental Fiction, Magical Realism, Historical Fiction

“How do we live and love when we know that everything we love must end?”

The Book


Lincoln in the Bardo is a 2017 experimental novel by American writer George Saunders. It is Saunders’s first full-length novel and was the New York Times hardcover fiction bestseller for the week of March 5, 2017. Saunders is better known for his short stories, reporting, and occasional essays.

The novel takes place during and after the death of Abraham Lincoln’s son William “Willie” Wallace Lincoln and deals with the president’s grief at his loss. The bulk of the novel, which takes place over the course of a single evening, is set in the bardo—an intermediate space between life and rebirth.

Lincoln in the Bardo received critical acclaim, and won the 2017 Man Booker Prize. Time magazine listed it as one of its top ten novels of 2017.

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Patenting One’s Identity

Fact: The human body is made up of about 20,000 to 25,000 genes that influence what we look on the outside and how we work inside. Genes are DNA molecules linked together that are contained inside the chromosomes. Along with DNAs, chromosomes contain structural proteins that build these micro particles responsible for one’s biological makeup, gender, traits, and physical features.

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Smells Like Twee Spirit

Trends, after time, must be the most fleeting entity this world will ever have. With fashion shifting faster than you could save up for the outfits you eye on malls, the ever changing fad in music, and theaters removing movies after failing to hit a million mark on its first week i. Keeping up with what’s in and new could very well be, uh, tiring.

In order to catch up and stay on the line, people tirelessly innovate ideas and keep cool last longer and cheaper. This marketing strategy may seem very effective basing on how trendy people end up wearing the same things; the RTW trend of duplicity and the loss of originality.

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The Man from Primrose Lane | Book Talk

Book Talk 002

Science Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Horror, Multigenre

How long do you look for something that doesn’t exist before it becomes a delusion?
Before it becomes an obsession?

The Book

Four years after his wife’s death, bestselling investigative writer David Neff was set to write his second and most complicated book. His subject: the murder of an elderly hermit only known as the Man from Primrose Lane. The old man was found dead inside his little red house; propped up against a toppled chair, severed fingers dumped on a blender.

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